The Devilled Egg

Autumn produce

22nd September 2017

Autumn is officually here – what are we cooking with? Beetroot This root vegetable has an intensely earthy flavour. There are three main colour varieties available – deep red, golden and candied (stripy). Beetroot can be eaten raw and is delicious grated in a salad with carrots, apple and pecans. Beetroot is also delicious roasted […]


20th September 2017

Quince is coming into season soon – get ready! This pear-like fruit is native to South-West Asia, Turkey and Iran. It is said that in Ancient Greece brides would nibble on a quince before the nuptial kiss to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Various parts of this fruit are used around the world for medicinal purposes, […]

Organic – a Load of Bananas?

19th September 2017

Organic farming has been around for nearly 75 years. It has grown rapidly in recent decades, its products are now available everywhere and yet it remains quite poorly understood. I am regularly asked to explain what ‘organic’ actually means, when it matters and whether it’s worth the fuss and money. I try to cover this […]

Butternut squash

12th September 2017

Autumn is a great season for all pumpkins and squashes. They can be treated in very similar ways; some have thicker skin and require peeling, whereas some do not. Although butternut is technically a fruit, it is predominantly used in savoury dishes and treated often as a vegetable. Can be roasted, boiled, toasted or pureed […]


11th September 2017

Figs are native throughout the tropics and some of the warmer temperate regions, and are particularly abundant across large parts of Asia, the Mediterranean and southern France. The fig tree and its fruit is an important symbol in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and is considered sacred in many cultures. We also know that the fig […]

Cheers to International Beer Day

4th August 2017

Good afternoon, welcome to the weekend and happy International Beer Day! OK, so it’s not quite the weekend yet, but the part about beer is true. Since 2008 the first Friday in August has been celebrated around the world as International Beer Day. Even if that’s news to you, it’s a great excuse to visit […]

Party Skewer Canapés

3rd August 2017

Next time you are wondering what to serve with drinks or as canapés for a summery dinner party, try these beauties! They take a few minutes to assemble, intrigue with their bright colours and the combinations are endless – vegetarian, meaty even vegan. These were developed with a hot summers day in mind as the […]

Spotlight on seasonal produce – Peas

2nd August 2017

Peas are wonderfully versatile and can be used to bulk out pretty much any dish. Nutritionally they are quite useful as they are high in: fiber, protein, vitamin A, B6,C and K, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Often treated as a vegetable, pea is actually a seed of a pod fruit Pisum sativum and […]

Dark chocolate and tofu mousse with a brûléed top

26th July 2017

This is a very simple recipe and will have your guests asking for seconds! The tofu lends a lovely smooth texture, whilst the flavour of dark cacao makes for a delicious dessert. You will need: 200g dark chocolate (vegan if you prefer) 200g silken tofu Dash of vanilla paste (optional) 4 tablespoons of caster sugar […]

Goat curd with cherries and honeycomb

21st July 2017

This is a great and easy way to finish any dinner party. You can buy goats curd, but here is a recipe on how to make it at home. You will need: 2 litres whole goat milk 4 tbsp lemon juice Bring the milk slowly to the boil on a medium heat Once the milk […]