The Devilled Egg

Wild garlic

20th April 2017

Here is an article we wrote for FOODLOVER magazine – 5 ways with wild garlic.   1. Wild garlic is a not-so-distant relative of the chive and can be used in much the same way; a fresh herb sprinkled onto dishes before service. Add to risottos, stews and even spring salads (the leaves and the […]

Say it with pancakes

13th February 2017

For 8 pancakes You will need: 150g buckwheat flour 50g tapioca flour (you can also use quinoa or plain flour) 30g oats 10g coconut sugar (you can also use muscavado or light brown sugar) 1 Egg 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 250ml milk (or a dairy free alternative – almond milk is particularly delicious) 4 […]

DIY Valentine’s Day

5th February 2017

The annual pink-ification of the high-street is fast approaching when reddish hues and heart shapes everywhere insist that we do something ‘romantic’, whatever that means. It often seems the only people who take Valentine’s Day seriously are retailers and restaurateurs, but it is perfectly possible to mark the occasion without pretence. This is an article […]

Champagne cocktails

2nd February 2017

Whether you are planning a special night in with your loved one, girls’ night in or a fancy dinner party, champagne cocktails are a great way to start the evening. The beauty is that since we are flavouring the bubbly, you can just use any sparkling wine: Prosseco (Italian), Crémant (French), Cava (Spanish) or Sekt […]

Plan the perfect romantic evening!

31st January 2017

Sex And The City once gave us an episode where two lovers head to a fancy restaurant for a carefully planned evening of romance. They are seduced by the luxurious food and atmosphere, but unfortunately it also gives them explosive diarrhoea. Comedy ensues and, suffice to say, their romantic evening is a disaster. Compare this […]

Beetroot salmon gravadlax, cultured cream, dill ash and caviar

31st January 2017

This is a pretty classy sounding and looking dish, but wonderfully simple to make. All of the elements can be prepped ahead, making a doddle on the day. The gravadlax will need to be started 6 days in advance, but with hands on cooking actually only taking 15 minutes! Serves 2 Gravadlax: 1 salmon fillet […]

Confit dug leg with gnocchi, kale and amaretti

31st January 2017

This is an impressive main dish. The prep time is long, but the actual hands on cooking is under an hour (even if you make your own gnocchi). Serves 2 25g sea salt 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder 1/2 teaspoon of ground coriander seeds 2 duck legs 250g duck or goose fat Bunch of thyme and […]

Chocolate ganache dome with blackberries

31st January 2017

This is a deceptively simple dish, but a real hit with guests. Whether you are planning a special evening for 2 or a larger dinner party – this dish is the ultimate end to a luxurious meal. Serves 2 You will need Chocolate ganache: 150ml double cream 100g dark chocolate Blackberry sauce and center: 150g […]

What to eat in February

30th January 2017

Clams All clam species are infauna, meaning they live in the sand or substrate at the bottom of a body of water, as opposed to epifauna like mussels or oysters, which live on top of the substrate. That’s pretty much the defining characteristic. You need to rinse them before cooking to get rid of any […]

Kitchen questions answered

26th January 2017

We have teamed up with Foodlover magazine and are introducing a new reader tool! Now you can have your kitchen questions answered by popular cookery school tutor Barbora Ormerod, founder of The Devilled Egg. Read more here