As if the competition wasn’t enough of a torment to the nerves the students had to wait another anxious week until the announcement of the final winner at the LOVE FOOD festival which took place on Sunday 9th December in Bristol’s Millenium Square. Here, at The Devilled Egg cookery school, the winner was summoned as our top, hard working, determined and gastronomically gifted student. They were praised and ‘rewarded’ with the opportunity to help Barbora in a live cookery demonstration. Just in case this didn’t quite satisfy for a prize, they and the three runners up, also received some fantastic prizes which would remind them of their participation in the cook-off and help them on their culinary journeys, including knives, cookware and books.

After much deliberation over efforts in the entire competition the judges fairly weighed up the potential and the skills of the four finalists, Leong, Ana, Shanice and Rosie. However, after textbook fish filleting, a creamy, garlicky plate of potato gratin to die for, enthusiasm and her forever memorable orange rolling cake, it was Ana who battled her way to the trophy. It was her thoughtful cooking that won over the judge’s taste buds in the end. Ana, who is Portuguese, charmed us with her hearty dishes and her calm, determined nature in the kitchen which was admirably noted to make her a suitable winner and a welcome addition to the cookery demonstration. Although not to be dismissed in second position was Leong who’s astounding creativity, tremendous efforts, skills and knowledge. His ability to pack in a magnitude of processes to impress us in one short hour was amendable. Finally was Rosie in third with her pleasing flavours followed by Shanice who produced us with some delicious dishes with high standards, they just weren’t enough to kick Ana from the top. However, Rosie’s ability to produce the only structurally sound chocolate fondant will be enviously remembered.

All the contestants did a fantastic job which was noted by the admirable feedback from fellow food society members. The regret of those who failed to enter round one due to lack of confidence of  their amateur abilities were put at ease by the high standards of the competition which was certainly above expectations. So with the cheeky Golden Egg cup to place proudly on her windowsill amongst her prizes Ana could hopefully be cooking her way to a career (or retirement career) in food…….!

By Jessie Wardlaw