Cooking with your children is a great way to spend time together and learn new things, particularly in the school holidays.

It is important to familiarise your children with food and cooking from a young age to get them excited about trying new ingredients and recipes in the kitchen. Food phobias and picky eating can often stem from a lack of familiarity with food.

Under-fives can master simple skills like buttering their own bread for sandwiches or cracking an egg open and decorating biscuits (messily!). But as they get older they will be able to concentrate for longer and master more ambitious skills in the kitchen.

We have some great ideas for cooking with your children, particularly those aged between 5 and 8, who are a bit more confident, careful and familiar with kitchen equipment such as ovens and hobs.

Essentially you want recipes that are fun, relatively easy and very hands on. Our ideas include:


Most children love pizzas and they are surprisingly easy and fun to prepare at home. Let them choose their favourite toppings (they might surprise you!) and enjoy piling your homemade bases high before watching them cook in the oven.


Spend time together making delicious cupcakes before the best bit – decorating! Make flavoured cupcakes using cocoa or lemon and decorate like pros with piping bags and lots of sweet treats.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls don’t have to be fried. Using rice paper wrappers you can have fun making fresh fillings with lots of healthy vegetables before wrapping them up yourselves. They make a great lunch or starter and are really great fun to make.


Those a bit older, with a little more patience will find making their own pasta very rewarding. Just a few ingredients and a pasta maker and you will be whizzing up your own spaghetti for tea. Delicious!

Like the sound of these ideas? This February half term our ‘Cooking with your little ones’ course, designed specifically for children aged between 5 and 8 is a great way to learn how to do it yourselves at home. The course is for children and a parent so come and have some fun and get some ideas to use at home!