Our kitchen garden has been a very serious undertaking this year. We have herbs, berries, apples, tomatoes, grapes, beans, pumpkins and most of all, we have many, many courgettes. Courgettes also contain folate, potassium and vitamin A and are low in calories. They are quite delicately flavoured and so pair with a great range of ingredients – sweet and savoury. We have been busy developing recipes and here are a few we would like to share with you.



For a large one:

Grate 3 courgettes into a bowl and throw a handful of fresh peas into the same bowl, season

Beat 6 eggs in another bowl

Heat a large glug of olive oil in a pan and throw the courgettes and peas in (you can use some dried spices, such as cumin, paprika, sesame seeds or garam masala

Fry for 5 minutes and then pour the courgette and oil mix into the bowl with the eggs, mix thoroughly and pour back into the hot pan

Cook on a medium heat until the bottom of the frittata is set

Pop into a hot oven (180C) for 15 minutes or until set

Scatter Feta cheese over the top and pop back into the oven until the feta has turned golden brown

Slide out of the pan and enjoy hot or cold

For individual ones:

Mix the eggs and fry the vegetables as above

Oil a large muffin tray and pour the eggs into the tray and top with the vegetables

Bake for 10 minutes and finish the frittatas as above


Did you know that you can also eat courgettes raw?

For the following recipe, you could either use a spiraliser (amazon sells a good range), clever julienne ‘peeler’, or simply your knife. Slice or spiralise your courgettes (one medium per person). Make a marinade by blending (or very finely chopping, grating or ideally zesting) 1 clove of garlic, zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 a chilli (or to taste) and a pinch of salt per person and combine with the courgettes for a simple salad. For a more complex twist, try adding other ingredients to the blender, such as fresh mint and mango, fresh oregano and tomatoes or basil, black olives and feta!


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