This is a salad that is perfect as a starter for a special dinner party. Blackberries are great source of antioxidants and quail eggs can be beneficial for healthy bones and teeth, not to mention that visually, this is a stunning appetiser.

1 duck breast

75g cubed pancetta

bunch of asparagus

2 sprigs of thyme

1 onion, cubed

250ml red wine

250ml beef stock

Punnet of blackberries

Blackberry preserve

6 quail eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Heat a pan and fry the pancetta, onion and thyme until golden brown
  2. Add the wine and reduce by two thirds
  3. Add the stock and reduce by two thirds again
  4. Boil until syrupy, add the preserve and season
  5. Boil the eggs for 1 and a half minute and cool under a cold running tap and peel
  6. For the duck, heat a pan, score the skin and season with salt
  7. When the pan is really hot, pop the duck in, skin side down and leave untilgolden brown
  8. Flip over for 30 seconds and pop into a preheated oven (180C) for exactly 8minutes
  9. Fry the asparagus in the duck fat, arrange on a plate with the blackberries andeggs
  10. When the duck is cooked, slice and pop on top of the asparagus, drizzle the with the jus