Duck with Plums and Potato Gnocchi 

Serves 2



2 duck breasts

Salt & pepper

2 pinches ground cumin

250g plums, halved

1 tbsp butter

100ml red wine

2 tbsp blackcurrant preserve

1/2 tbsp sugar (a little more if plums are very tart)

500g cooked potatoes, grated

150g plain flour

1 whole egg & 1 yolk

10g softened butter


1. Preheat oven to 150C

2. Place plum halves into a baking tray with the butter

3. Sprinkle with sugar and a pinch of salt and black

pepper, bake until caramelised

4. Add flour, eggs, butter and salt to the grated potatoes

and knead until you get a smooth dough

5. Roll into little finger shapes and set aside

6. Increase oven temperature to 200C, bring a pan of

salted water to boil

8. Score the duck skin into ‘diamonds’, season with salt,

pepper and cumin

9. Place skin down in a very hot pan, fry until skin is deep golden

brown and crisp, then flip over

10. Remove the plums from the oven and put the duck in

for 8 minutes

11. Afterwards, remove the meat to rest

(around 4 minutes)

12. Continue to heat the oil and juices from the duck,

pour in the wine and reduce on high heat

13. Put the plums (reserving 6 for garnish) and

blackcurrant into the pan, heat through and then blend

14. Place the gnocchi in boiling water

15. They are done when they float to the surface

(approximately 2 minutes)

  1. Arrange on a warmed plate

Wine recommendation:Cabernet Sauvignon, Mitolo Jester

(2008), Australia. This wine is made in the Amarone tradition,

drying 20% of the grapes to concentrate flavour and increase

complexity and softness. On the palate you get peppery spice,

blackberries, currants, cloves and a hint of chocolate. The wine is

rich, but fresh and vibrant.