It’s Friday, which means the start of the weekend! This week we are indulging in the ultimate treat – steak and chips (with a bit of green salad on the side to make us feel better). We had a delicious delivery from the Well Hung Meat Company this week – check them out!

The perfect steak:

This is a question we always get asked, and we have some simple rules to follow:

1. Forget cooking time

How long do you cook a steak for? Warrants the same answer as how long is a piece of string? It depends on a number of factors: The type of steak; the thickness of the steak; how warm the steak is before you cook it; how hot the pan is. Follow our finger and thumb rules below to cook your steak how you like it.

2. Buy the best steak you can justify

This really does make all the difference. Cheap meat that has not been hung for long, won’t have the flavour and can be tough. If you are going to treat yourself you might as well go the whole hog!

3. Get the steak to room temperature

Take the steak out of the fridge fifteen minutes before you start cooking it. This way you won’t need to compensate for the steak warming up, it will cook more evenly and the muscle won’t be stressed and tense (tough).

4. Season well

But be careful, season just before cooking and ONLY with salt – pepper will burn.


5. Use a hot pan

Heat the pan for a good three or four minutes before adding the meat. You want it to caramelise and brown, but not burn. Don’t touch it for at least a minute – colour is flavour!

hot pan

6. Rest

Let the steak rest for at least as long as it has cooked. You want juices to be absorbed back in to the meat, not all over the plate.


As promised, below is our photo guide for cooking your steak how you like it:

1. Rare (the best way, in our opinion)

Gently place you index finger and thumb together (no pressure) and with your other hand feel the fleshy part below your thumb. This is how your steak should feel when you press it.

Step 1

2. Medium- rare.

Place your middle finger and thumb together – again, no pressure and feel.

Step 2

3. Medium

Place your ring finger and thumb together – as above.

step 3

4. Well done

Place your little finger and thumb together – same again.

step 4

Serve with chips and a side of your choice and enjoy!