Food trends are ever changing. With new ingredients, combinations and cuisines cropping up everyday, it can be hard to keep up! Most such trends are fleeting, but some are here to stay (at least for a few months!) and are worth learning more about. We’ve looked at current popular foodie trends and at what you, our readers and subscribers, are talking about. Here are our predictions for what 2017 has in store and what we’ll be cooking for you at The Devilled Egg.

The last 2 years have seen a great rise in the sale of diet books. These often mascaraed as ‘healthy’, but rarely deliver on this promise. Many of you have been requesting more tutorials about origins of ingredients, how we digest foods and what they do to our bodies. 2017 is all about asking questions about where our food comes from and we will be here to answer them.

Vegetables are becoming the new heroes with meatless restaurants cropping up everywhere and regular restaurants offering scrumptious alternative tasting menus with national ad campaigns urging us to try to go vegan for a month. The focus on animal protein is certainly shifting. We will be posting more vegetarian and vegan friendly tutorials and recipes (including Buddha bowls, which are still popular on social media) as well as busting a few myths about meat. Speaking of which, more people are investing money into purchasing organic meat and eat less of it over all.

Gut health has become a heavily used term. Simply put – if our gut is not healthy and happy, this can cause a variety of problems in our bodies. Consuming more fibre is a good start. We will be cooking more with whole grain (such as spelt, millet, sorghum, kamut, etc.), using and making alternative pasta, as well as delving into the art of fermentation.

Sustainability is another buzzword, but one that we think is pretty important. We will be launching a new channel in 2017 to help you find out how to shop more consciously, use up your leftovers as well as byproducts of cooking (like whey from cheese making) and how to create wholesome dishes from random bits and bobs in the fridge and food cupboard.

We expect the fascination with international cuisine to keep rising. The latest trend is Scandinavian cuisine and the ‘Viking’ diet of low carb, high omega 3 oils and vegetables. Street food also continues to gain popularity. We have been teaching it for several years now and will be posting lots of exciting recipes from around the world. These will include: empanadas, tamales, Japanese cuisine (and not just sushi), regional Chinese dishes, Æbleskiver, Eastern European dishes and lots more.

Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming the norm with 0% beer, ale, wine, even gin, as well as cold pressed juices (several restaurants even serve a ‘juice flight’ with their tasting menus) and charcoal activated water. We will certainly be looking at non-alcoholic (as well as alcoholic) cocktails this year.

More and more home cooks are trying out smart kitchen gadgets (including a water bath) to advance their cookery skills. We will continue to embrace these gadgets in our tutorials.

Historical cooking is also becoming more and more popular! We will be posting recipes exploring what our ancestor would have eaten as well as looking at food history around the world.

Seaweed is one ingredient we look forward to using a lot more in our tutorials. The health benefits are numerous and seaweed is a great seasoning as well.

Last thoughts on 2017 and what we will be teaching – cooking over fire, mead (as a drink and as an ingredient), cooking with coffee, eating bugs and worms as an alternative source of protein!

Here is to a great foodie year!