As if the sniffles weren’t bad enough, there seems to be a nasty bug going round at the moment, so bad it’s even spread to social media in the form of updates and often too-detailed accounts of symptoms! Unfortunately, the only option is generally to let such things run their course, although most of us are very impatient to get well. I don’t have any miracle foods to change this, but when the digestive system is this distressed, what you eat can have a real impact on the speed and comfort of your recovery.


Try these:


Rice and quinoa

These are starchy foods that line your stomach without encouraging acid reflux, so they can ‘calm’ the stomach. Try soaking the rice for 30 mins and then simmer in fresh water for 10 minutes until the rice is tender and completely cooked through so it doesn’t continue swelling in your stomach. When I am feeling a little down, I cook my rice or quinoa in chicken stock until actually overcooked to ensure it is very kind to my digestion.


Coconut water

This drink is packed with natural sugars to perk you up a little in your time of need. It also contains plenty of electrolytes to help the body rehydrate.


Plain toast or crackers

Both of these are easily digestible and so will not sit in your stomach for too long.



This fruit contains potassium which aids rehydration, as well as lots of calories which the body needs when you are not eating very much.