The following ideas are all pretty simple and quick, but a bit more interesting than the usual options. Best of all, they taste great.

1.Banh mi.

Vietnamese for bread, ‘banh mi’ also often refers to a sandwich filled with meat, sauce and pickles. The bread used is traditionally a baguette (not quite the French style, but it will do). Turkey makes a great filling because it is quite succulent and goes with a wide range of flavours. It works beautifully with mayonnaise mixed with tamarind, but will also stand up to strong pickles and even chilli. After an indulgent few days, this is quite a satisfying and refreshing dish.


This familiar food originated in Central and North America as an unleavened corn bread. It’s a classic way to make a tasty snack out of anything from vegetables to meat or even cheese. I like to pan-fry chunks of leftover turkey with a few slices of avocado (frying adds flavour and gives the avocado a lovely buttery-ness), before wrapping in a tortilla with a slice of fresh mango, which complements the white meat and avocado very nicely.


Another classic, but rarely seen with turkey topping. It’s actually a great way to use up leftovers and scraps from the fridge, especially if the meat is a little dry. Simply spread pizza dough with tomato passata, ingredients like mushroom, peppers and red onion, then add turkey and cheese and bake on a bread stone preheated to 230C for 4-5 to until crispy and golden. If dry, just drizzle the meat with a little extra passata, oil or cheese. Or all three.

Another great way to reinvigorate dry leftovers is to turn them into a frittata. It doesn’t take much work and is deliciously rewarding, working well as a light meal or just an exciting snack/starter. Best of all it is extremely flexible – you can swap out ingredients to suit what you have available, and it will last if kept in the fridge. Simply fry a selection of chopped vegetables (more leftovers will do nicely) to add a bit of colour, then mix in a bowl with the turkey meat and few eggs. Pour the whole lot back into the hot pan, top with a little cheese (optional) and bake in the oven until set.


If you have more ingredients than just turkey meat to use up, for instance cheese and cranberry sauce, it’s dead easy to sandwich them between two tortillas and fry until the cheese is completely melted and the tortilla is golden and crispy. Quesadillas always make a delicious snack and are easy to tweak depending on what’s in the fridge.

Of course, if you’ve had altogether too much roast bird over Christmas and need to take a break, it’s still worth portioning the meat and freezing in sandwich bags for the new year.

Pro tip: Save the carcass and turn into stock!