Whether you are planning a special night in with your loved one, girls’ night in or a fancy dinner party, champagne cocktails are a great way to start the evening. The beauty is that since we are flavouring the bubbly, you can just use any sparkling wine: Prosseco (Italian), Crémant (French), Cava (Spanish) or Sekt (German).


You can make the classics such as mimosa with orange juice (or try substituting with pineapple juice for a tropical flavour) or a Bellini with peach puree. Bellini was created in the early 20th Century by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy – traditionally made using Prosseco.

You can also use a variety liquors, such as Kwai Fe (lychee), Passoa (passionfruit) or Saint Germain (elderflower) to flavour your glass of fizz. One of our favourites is a Kir Royale. Make this drink by adding a dash (or more) of cassis. Try getting hold of a British-made cassis made of blackcurrants – this is a not-too-sweet variety, which makes for a refreshing drink!