For our last festive countdown, we will focus on our furry friends. They make every day a fun adventure. If you’re feeling down, they are always there to cheer you up and they are also very useful when it comes to leftovers!

Be patient with them, as the dogs will inevitably be in the way, as they ‘help’ you get the turkey out of the oven and the feline ingenuity knows no bounds where poached fish is concerned. However, they are amazing at keeping the festive cheer going!

Get dog friendly treats!

There are some human foods, that you need to keep away from them. Here is a helpful list:

Grapes and raisins

No mince pies! From my own experience, you need to keep an eye on your guests, as they get into the port and mince pies, they inevitably feed the cute animal, which is giving them the ‘I haven’t eaten in weeks’ look.


Dogs are amazingly clever when it comes to digging out chocolates from the boxes. Trees have been mounted and inevitably pulled down to get at that chocolate that is ‘surely out of their reach’ and cupboards opened and truffles demolished. To be on the safe side, just leave the choccies on a high shelf behind closed doors.


This is toxic to dogs (not that over doing it great for the humans either..), so be careful with things like Christmas pudding. This dessert is also packed with dried fruit and lots of suet or other fat and too much of this is also a big no no!


This seems like an insane suggestion to many, but cooked leftover bones are brittle and can cause serious harm when ingested. Be careful with your leftovers – ideally dispose of them immediately. We all know the feeling after a large meal, when a nice comfy sofa beckons and that glass of wine is not going to drink itself and the last thing you want to do is ANY cleaning. Just do the important bits or close the door to the kitchen.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are particularly bad for our furry friends, so keep them away.

Allium family

These cover onions, garlic, leeks and chives and can make dogs quite sick.


This is an artificial sweetener, which is found in a large variety of products (some nut butters, sweets, toothpastes,etc.) and is poisonous do dogs. Read labels and keep dogs away from any products containing xylitol.