This is a beautifully refreshing and invigorating drink. You can also leave the gin out and make this non-alcoholic. Taste as you go – you might decide that you would like the tea to be stronger and more bitter or less bitter. Simply add more tea or brew for longer. For a sweeter finish, feel free to add more honey.

Makes 2 large glasses

400ml of hot water
2 green tea bags
2 teaspoons of honey
2 lemons, sliced
100ml gin

Pour the just boiled water over the tea bags and leave to infuse for 3 minutes
Add the honey and stir
Leave to cool
Slice the lemons and add to a jug with the gin (or into 2 separate glasses) and leave to infuse for 10 minutes or however long it takes for the teat to cool
Add several ice cubes (we added raspberries to the water before freezing for extra colour and flavour) and pour the the tea over

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