The spring has sprung and it’s nearly Easter – time to relax with the family and share some good food. Take time to enjoy the company of people you love, take time to pamper yourself, spend time in nature or just sit with a book and a toasted  hot cross bun with a cup of tea – whatever makes you happy.

The main event

At The Devilled Egg, we strongly believe that good food and drink goes a long way to making the day a little more special. Plan ahead and keep it simple: slow roast leg of lamb with a new potato and mint salad is a definite crown pleaser and for a good reason. Try avoiding ‘spring lamb’, as it is unlikely to be British, as this goes against the season. Most British lambs are born in the spring, not ready to be eaten and so supermarkets often import young lamb meat from countries, such as New Zealand, where the lambing season is longer. Why not go for hogget (meat of a juvenile sheep older than one year) or mutton (meat of an adult sheep). The older meat has so much more flavour as well and can take on heavy spices, herbs and even a lot of smoke and a rich South American red to drink with it.



We have lots of Easter fun for you

Why not explore foodie customs of a few other countries in our International Easter article.
If you are planning to do some baking, we have you covered with our chocolate brownie with an Easter cream egg twist or mini boozy carrot cakes. For a more upscale and light dessert, why not try a meringue egg with lemon custard.

For a special Easter cake, why not make our showstopper. Simply make a basic sponge cake (watch our video here). Before we baked our cake (for a special visual effect), we removed 8 tablespoons of the batter and mixed them with 2 tablespoons of cacao powder and gently folded this through the plain cake batter for a marbled effect. Once the sponge is cooled, we iced ours with lightly pink buttercream icing (but feel free to experiment with colours), topped with a thick chocolate glaze and an egg nest, not forgetting a gold leaf in the front for a special touch.


We have more special recipes for our subscribers – marzipan chicks and eggs, hot cross buns with a twist and cheesy bread bunnies. Check them out here.

And if you have cake left – here is a great way of using it up.