Sex And The City once gave us an episode where two lovers head to a fancy restaurant for a carefully planned evening of romance. They are seduced by the luxurious food and atmosphere, but unfortunately it also gives them explosive diarrhoea. Comedy ensues and, suffice to say, their romantic evening is a disaster.

Compare this to a sequence in The Big Bang Theory where a female character abandons her plans for Valentine’s dinner, gifts and traditional romance so she can order pizza and watch one of her boyfriend’s beloved “Star War Trek things” instead. The boyfriend’s stunned realisation that she would do this for him turns the joke into a lovely tender moment.

The writers of both episodes understood the problems with staged romance. Even if nothing goes quite so horribly wrong as a loosening of the bowels, impersonating a Hollywood stereotype instead of just being yourself is bound to backfire in some way. We all know this deep down, but every year Valentine’s Day tempts us to go through the motions once more, while social media demands that every ‘romantic’ moment be choreographed, catalogued and flaunted online.

I know some people avoid the charade by ignoring Valentine’s Day altogether, which I think is a shame. Why miss an opportunity to celebrate our most important interpersonal connections? Just have confidence that the relationship does not need dressing up to be meaningful, and be wary of anyone or anything telling you otherwise.

In the spirit of breaking with convention, we also posted a list of romantic films which approach the subject of love from a slightly different angle. This is something we may do more of in future, so let us know what you think.

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