However far we have come as a society, we tend to hang onto outdated ideas about what men and women should do with their time. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary we still find it easier to mentally label certain activities with a pink or a blue sticker. Perhaps this is inevitable.

Cookery is a particularly weird example. Most of us assume that women do most of the cooking in the average household, yet we generally expect to see a male chef running the kitchen at our local restaurant. Weirdest of all, both of these assumptions turn out to be correct. How does that work?

Whatever the answer, some people react to the imbalance by turning cookery into a battleground of men vs. women; each on a mission to prove they are better chefs than the other. This childish approach is quite obviously the wrong one.

Our bespoke classes at The Devilled Egg are a constant reminder that preferences, skill levels and even flavour responses vary enormously from one person to another. My father almost never cooked at home, but his speciality of scrambled eggs with leftover dumplings (the delicious, fluffy Czech variety) was a legendary feast in our house. It is no coincidence that this was also one of his favourite dishes. It turns out we enjoy cooking the things we most like to eat, and these factors are far more important than gender when it comes to shaping our style and ability in the kitchen.


We prefer to celebrate and indulge your personal preferences (except McDonald’s and the like), and have devised a cookery class called ‘No Women, No Salads Allowed’, to revere all things associated with man food (the name is not meant to be taken literally; the head chef is a woman after all). We first ran this class in 2014 with great success, and we hope to see many of you joining us on January 29th to add some new favourites to your repertoire. Man food combines powerful flavours, pleasing textures and meaty richness to excite our palates and satisfy our bellies. Often wrapped up in a convenient hand-held serving. We can’t help but love it.

For years, the gremlins of fast food and mass-production have exploited this weakness to feed us awful things no one in their right mind would consciously eat. Now we’ve had enough, and the time has come to reclaim dishes like fried chicken, potato chips and the mighty burger. After all, real men make their own food.

In this man food masterclass we break down several classics, analyse what makes them great to begin with and teach you how to perfect them at home. We also explore different variations and tweaks to make yours the ultimate gourmet experience for blokes.

Book online at The Devilled Egg.