2014 is the year to learn new cookery skills and have some fun in the kitchen. It is going to be an exciting year here at the Devilled Egg, and you can join in too. Here are our top 5 foodie New Year’s resolutions and how we can help you to keep them!


After tonight the chances are you will be thinking about cutting back on the alcohol and rich food that you may have been overindulging in (if you are anything like us!). Detoxing can be a great way to clear out your system by eating and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables. We are not suggesting spending hundreds of pounds on various medication that will do the job for you.

Try avoiding the following in your diet for at least a few days to give your body a break it needs:



Sugar (not only in cakes, but bread, sauces and many others)

Simple detoxing changes:

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Add fibre to your diet (found in avocado, corn, chickpeas, many beans, brown rice, pears and many others)

Give your liver a helping hand in cleansing itself by eating foods such as garlic, beetroot, leafy greens, lemon and turmeric.

Drink 1.5l to 2l water a day and try and get your 8 hours sleep!

Learn some new and exciting recipes

You may be an accomplished cook, or you may be a beginner. Whatever level you are at there is always room to learn something new in the kitchen. Here at the Devilled Egg we are passionate about helping people to enjoy themselves in the kitchen, which is why this January will see our New Year SALE, click here to see courses on offer!

Master a different cuisine

Have you been to a Thai, Japanese, Italian or Indian restaurant and wanted to know how they create their dishes? Throughout 2014 we will be running a series of courses designed to introduce you to the foundations of cuisines from around the world. Our courses will teach you some traditional and authentic recipes for you to try for yourself. Take a look at the courses section of our website to find something that suits you.

Understand food intolerances

More and more people are living with an intolerance to food groups such as gluten and lactose. Here at the Devilled Egg we understand that this can be frustrating. Which is why we have devised courses to help people to understand their food intolerance and cook foods and substitutes that mean you don’t feel like you are missing out. Our gluten free bakery course is a great way to learn how to cook some delicious cakes and other bakes without gluten. While our dairy free course teaches you how to work wonders with substitutes such as tofu and other soya produce.

Learn a new skill

Confident cooking is all about skills. This year we are concentrating on helping people to learn a selection of vital kitchen skills including; knife skills, bread making, fish filleting, making sauces and carving. Our short courses will leave you feeling confident in the kitchen and ready to show off your skills to family and friends. See our courses section for more detail.

We are very much looking forward to 2014. If there is a course that you would like to see us run please drop us a line at mail@thedevilledegg.com and we will see what we can do.

Enjoy yourselves tonight, and remember your foodie New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year!