The Devilled Egg is an online kitchen academy designed to help anyone master the art of home cooking at their own pace. Helping to expand your knowledge of both food and cooking, from essential skills and mastering the jargon to repertoire building and delving into the science behind the techniques, The Devilled Egg is packed full of downloadable recipes, cooking tutorials and essential learning resources.

With new seasonal recipes and tutorials added weekly and direct access to the experts through the academy’s online community, The Devilled Egg is on hand 24 hours a day to provide guidance, inspiration and plenty of geeky facts for home cooks to get their teeth stuck into.

Our mission

Anyone can create marvellous food in their own kitchen

Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to explore, experiment and embrace the art of home cooking. We saw an opportunity to reach out beyond the classroom to home cooks across the UK and The Devilled Egg online kitchen academy was born.

With a creative, practical and encouraging approach to teaching, we like to challenge our students’ self-doubt in the kitchen, along with the common myths and misconceptions about food and cooking. We also welcome questions from subscribers; anything from the elementary to the extreme!