Thanks to archaeological findings at Iron Age and Bronze Age settlements we know that broad beans have been an important staple food for millennia. It is believed that they have originated around the Mediterranean. They are used fresh as well as dried and tuned into Ta’ameya.

When we were in Abruzzo, Italy, broad beans were served raw, still in their pods just with pecorino cheese and some toasted bread. This was a wonderfully simple snack, but bursting with flavour. Make sure you get hold of really fresh beans, as they loose their flavour quickly after picking. Broad beans also pair well with peas, mint and feta in a salad or with pasta and a little olive or rapeseed oil. They do make a lovely side dish, just boiled in salted water and served with lots of butter or ghee. You can also add cooked bacon or pancetta for a meaty side. Actually, they are incredibly versatile and can be added to soups, stews, frittatas, quiches and salads,
As they deteriorate quickly, keep them in the fridge and consume soon after purchase.