Coriander is an annual herb and very easy to come by in all seasons. This soft herb is native to southern Europe, northern Africa and southwestern Asia. The seeds of this herb are used all over the world to add freshness and warmth to dishes. The leaves are strongly flavoured, almost reminiscent of aniseed with fresh citrusy finish. The leaves are delicate and are therefore best used raw as a garnish or stirred through a dish at the last minute. The stems can be chopped finely and used at the base of a dish (with onion and garlic).
Coriander seeds go particularly well with ginger (gingerbread), chocolate, apples and chicken. The leaves are great with avocado (delicious in a guacamole), coconut-based dishes (Thai cuisine), Persian flavours such as pomegranate, saffron and cinnamon, and Lebanese flavours (try adding to hummus, yoghurt or fresh pickles with mint). Coriander also has its place in Greek, Spanish, Scandinavian and French cuisine.
Basically, if in doubt, add coriander!