Nutmeg is a seed of a tree in the genus Myristica.
It is a very strongly tasting spice, so use sparingly (it can actually be hallucinogenic in large quantities and is smoked in India). This can be used in savoury as well as sweet dishes. If used in creamy, rich desserts, nutmeg can make them less cloying. When used with cruciferous vegetables, nutmeg can make them less bitter. Nutmeg is popular in India, Indonesia, Middle East, but also in Scotland, where it is added to many dishes such as Haggis and Cullen Skink and Uk, where it is adde to bread sauce, apple pie and cauliflower cheese. Always buy whole nutmeg and grate yourself for freshness. In India, it is believed to have medicinal properties.
Nutmeg seed is coated in a beautiful red ‘membrane’, which becomes blade of mace.