Wild garlic is a not-so-distant relative of the chive and can be used in much the same way; a fresh herb sprinkled onto dishes before service. Add to risottos, stews and even spring salads (the leaves and the flowers). Pesto or salad dressing is a great way to preserve it. Just use a 3:1 ration of oil and vinegar, and keep adding to your dishes for months to come!


Wild garlic is quite pungent and can stand up to robust flavours, making it great in baked goods such as the pastry for a spring tart, bread or cheesy scones.


The strong flavour also works beautifully with eggs. Liven up your morning omelette, scrambled eggs or frittata with wild garlic leaves, finely chopped.


If you have tons of it, mix into softened butter, with salt and lemon zest, then roll up in baking paper and freeze. You can then cut off bits of garlic butter as you need, adding it to almost anything. It’s delicious stuff.

Fine dining

When making a soup or a sauce a few wild garlic leaves, added just before blending, will create a fresh, light garlic flavour. I recommend a green velouté made in this way with ricotta gnudi and asparagus (which is nearly in season)!