Blueberry & Chia Jam

This is by far the easiest jam recipe. It is fresh and actually raw, so the fruit has retained all it’s nutrients. Thanks to the chia seeds, it has a scrumptiously sticky consistency. You can use any berries (or other fruit) you may like, just note that you might need to add more liquid to achieve the right consistency. Chia seeds absorb up to 12 times their weight in liquid, creating a gel capsule around them, which is very soothing for the gut. These seeds are also high in Omega 3 oils and a great source of energy thanks to a steady release of slow-burning glucose.


  • 200g blueberries, fresh or thawed from frozen
  • 2 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 3-4 tablespoons cooled Roobois tea
  • 1 tablespoon date syrup (or to taste)


Whiz all the ingredients in a blender until smooth (adding the extra tablespoon or more of tea if the mixture is too dry).
You can also just mash the fruit with a fork for a more of a chunky finish.
Leave in the fridge overnight to thicken to a jammy consistency.