We have some fantastic suppliers who are so good that we thought we should let you know about them. Not to mention some great friends who support The Devilled Egg.

We use top of the range equipment to bring you tutorials, recipes and more.



This company produces a great variety of your usual spices as well as quite exotic dried spices, wonderful and imaginative blends as well as the easy tasty magic range. You can also purchase baking ingredients including extracts, decorations and sugar syrups, among others.


Authentic Japanese, Macrobiotic & Organic Fine Foods.
Products range from miso, seaweed, noodles, sauces, tofu, sushi ingredients and many more.

Cornish Sea Salt

Pure sea salt from Cornwall. This company also produces salt blends.

Walter Rose&Son

This company has a wide selection of farm meats, offal and even a small selection of game. They are very well priced, fresh and delicious. You can shop online or in their shops.

Yeo Valley

What do we use: butter, milk, yoghurt, double cream

Wing of St Mawes

This company supplies business, fishmongers as well as homes. The quality of the fish and seafood is spectacular. You can also find out what the live stocks are like, so you are shopping and eating sustainable. All done online.

Lucy Bee

This is a high quality raw and fair trade coconut oil. The flavour is not overpowering and perfect for cooking (and about 1000 other uses). This oil is widely available in various sizes. They also offer creamed coconut, various spices and blends.

South West Garlic Farm

You can purchase several varieties of garlic, as well as black garlic.

Mara Seaweed

Selection of Scottish seaweed including smoked applewood dulse.


Selection of British chocolate, including large packs of organic dark couverture chocolate buttons.

Rude Health

This company has a great variety of non-dairy milks, oats, sprouted flours and great snacks!

Truffle hunter

As the name suggests, you can choose from a wide variety truffle products: fresh truffles, oils, condiments, butters and pasta.

Wasabi Company

he Wasabi company sells fresh wasabi grown in the UK, Yuzu fruit, plants as well as authentic Japanese condiments, spices and specialist accessories.


Large selection of British grown pulses and grains, roasted pulses as well as tinned, pulse and quinoa flour and quinoa.

Quicke's Cheese

Beautiful cheese and butter.

Sharpham Park

The champions of British Spelt, committed to bringing you the best tasting and healthiest organic spelt in the UK.

Sousvide tools

Tools for the professional and the home cook.

Ben Baker

Ben Baker is a website, apps and games designer and developer.

La Chasse

La Chasse is a specialty food distribution business, based on the Wiltshire/Dorset border.
They have years of experience in this industry and provide Chefs with fantastic locally produced food ingredients as well as the imported must haves.

The Traditional Free Range Egg Company

At The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, they’re proud to produce and supply award-winning free range eggs, using the traditional flat deck method, and are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for like-minded family-run farms across the UK in a rapidly changing industry.

Sous Chef


Sous Chef is the shop for people who love cooking! The place-to-be online for cooks and chefs – with ingredients, equipment, tableware and gifts inspired by leading restaurants and international food.