Pan-fried scallops are just fantastic. This tutorial explains precisely why they taste so good, and how to achieve perfect results every time.

We also prepare Jerusalem artichokes two ways, serving them alongside the scallops for a deliciously indulgent starter.

Usually you would need no more than three scallops per person. Two might be more appropriate if you’re dealing with really large specimens.



6 scallops
300g Jerusalem artichokes, plus one for the crisps
200ml beef stock
150ml milk
Butter (room temperature)

Serves 2



  1. Start by making the purée.
  2. You can peel your artichokes for a perfectly light beige puree, but we like the extra colour and texture that comes from the skins. Wash them thoroughly, however.
  3. Peel the artichokes, chop into small pieces and keep in a bowl of acidulated water (with a squeeze of lemon) to keep them from discolouring.
  4. Bring the stock to boil and add the drained pieces of artichoke and boil for 15-20 minutes or until starting to break up.
  5. Pour into a blender and blend until smooth, push through a sieve.
  6. Reheat very gently for service. Feel free to add some double cream if the purée is too thick.
  7. Slice the crisps thinly on a mandolin and keep in acidulated water until needed.
  8. Deep fry on 190 for 2-3 minutes until golden and crispy.
  9. To fry the scallops, pour a ‘film’ of olive oil into a pan and bring to high heat (until the oil is almost smoking).
  10. Season with salt.
  11. Place them into the hot oil, presentation side down (usually the larger side).
  12. Caramelise the scallops, giving them a deep golden-brown colour.
  13. Approximate timing is 3 minutes, but do check and let the colour be your guide.
  14. Turn over, but do not caramelise the second sides, since this will overcook the scallops.
  15. Test with fingertips; the scallops should be firm but not rubbery, with a little bit of give.
  16. Just before you remove them from the heat, a squeeze of lemon juice is recommended.
  17. This will counteract the effects of the oil, whilst bringing out more of their fantastic flavour.
  18. Tip: for a luxurious extra touch, try adding a knob of butter during the last minute of frying.