Following a wonderful trip to the Cornish coast – where we tend to buy all our fish, we’d like to continue our celebration of British seafood by taking a closer look at one of the nation’s favourites; the prawn.

You will need:
200g raw prawns
2 large red tomatoes
1 tablespoon of capers
Large handful of wild garlic
2 tablespoons of sherry
100g spinach leaves

Serves 2

Get a glug of oil going in a pan on a high heat, then add the prawns, with a large pinch of salt
Add the chopped tomatoes and leave them to soften for a few minutes
Add the capers and a handful of wild garlic leaves – very roughly chopped
Raise the temperature at this point, and add a dash of sherry, boiling it rapidly so it reduces and concentrates the flavour
Then add a large handful of spinach, stirring it through so it begins to wilt, then turn off the heat and throw in some roughly chopped, fresh dill just before service
Serve on a toasted ciabatta or on top of fresh greens for a light lunch