Steak II: Sirloin

In this tutorial we look at beef cuts around the world, dry-ageing, dry salt rub and how to cook the perfect sirloin
All you need is sirloin steak, oil and salt. Butter is optional.


Dry Brining

  1. To dry-brine the meat first, cover the steak with salt, generously and on both sides
  2. Leave it for about 40 minutes



  1. Pan frying a sirloin steak is similar to ribeye – nice high heat and a generous glug of oil
  2. We recommend aiming for medium-rare
  3. Test for self release after 90 seconds
  4. If it comes easily off the pan, check how well its browning
  5. Dark brown is good, but we don’t want any black areas, so don’t wait too long to flip it
  6. Give the other side a similar amount of time, then start to check its firmness
  7. We often add some butter to the pan at this stage
  8. Keep flipping flipping the steak every minute, until you reach the desired doneness
  9. Roughly 6 minutes should turn out the perfect medium rare steak!
  10. Rest the steak for 3 minutes and enjoy!


The Prod Test

Touch the tips of your thumb and forefinger together, then use your other hand to prod the muscles connecting the thumb and palm
This feels similar to a rare steak; very loose
Touch your thumb and middle finger together, and these muscles tighten, more like medium rare, and so on