Lavender is a bud that we are all familiar with sold in decorative pillows that are said to enhance sleep and also in cosmetics products. It is, however, being used more and more in cooking and not just in desserts. Lavender flavoured ice cream seems like a great remedy for insomnia for a start. Lavender can also be used simply added to vinaigrettes on salads, in honey or just as a spice. It brings a real depth of flavour and a wonderfully subtle aroma if used sparingly. It is only in the 1970s that the all popular herbs de provence was introduced and sold with lavender in it. Since then, it has found it way into savoury cuisine. Try combining a few pinches of the lavender buds and dijon mustard for a flavoursome lamb marinade or pairing with sheep or goats cheese as we are doing here.
We have made a lavender and goats cheese mousse many times at the Academy and is always a hit with the subtle hints of floral aroma that complements the fresh grassy notes of the cheese.