Tarragon is an underused herb in the UK (at least in its fresh form) with a strong, fresh grassy flavour and notes of aniseed. Related to the sunflower, it grows wild in many countries but is also widely cultivated. On its own it can have quite a strong, acerbic taste. French tarragon is generally regarded as the best for cooking because this effect is less pronounced. Still, this means it can create some quite surprising flavours in combination with other elements in the dish. For example, it compliments rich earthy mushrooms very well, adds a welcome zing to fish, chicken and particularly egg-based dishes, since it provides a lovely counterpoint to richness or fattiness in other foods.  You can also roll a goat cheese in chopped tarragon and present as a part of your cheese board, where the grassy zing pairs beautifully with the earthy, creamy cheese.