Pancake do not have to be just sweet – as long as they are tasty!
Chocolate, or more accurately cocoa, pairs well with pumpkin. These pancakes are filling and make a delicious supper.

For the pancakes:
100g flour
2 eggs
300ml milk
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Mix the above in a bowl and whisk thoroughly
Preheat a NON-STICK frying pan for a few minutes on a medium-high heat.
Add a large knob of butter and a good glug of Fussels Rapeseed oil to the pan – once butter is melted pour the butter/oil mixture into a glass jug and set aside (do this each time to lubricate the pan for subsequent pancakes).
Return pan to heat and pour a ladle of batter into centre of pan (not too much – you don’t want thick pancakes!) – shake pan quite vigorously to spread the batter out – this vigorous shaking creates a nice marbled texture to the pancake and better colouring.
After a minute or so the pancake should be cooked on one side and should slide around when you shake the pan – once this is happens, flip it and cook for a minute on the other side.

For the filling:
200g cooked pumpkin flesh
knob of butter
chopped sage (3-4 leaves)
handful of chopped and roasted hazelnuts
crushed amaretti biscuits

Mix the above in a bowl, apart from the butter (reserving some biscuits, sage and nuts for decoration)
Melt the butter in a pan, fill the pancakes with pumpkin mix and throw the reserved nuts and sage into the butter
Pour the butter over the pancakes and top with the reserved biscuits