The slick, Nordic style of Scandinavia has taken the UK by storm in recent years. Not just its clean interior design, funky wooly jumpers and ingenious detective thrillers, but also its food.

The food of Scandinavia (which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden) has been put back where it belongs in the spotlight by inspired chefs such as Signe Johansen of Scandilicious. Scandi cooking is close to head chef Barbora’s heart as she has just married into a Danish family, so we wanted to explore the cuisine and teach others how delicious and fresh it is.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden are rated as the top three happiest countries in the world by the Legatum Prosperity Index. Not surprising, given the way that food plays such a central part to family life. Think Smorgasbords, merrily shared with friends and family accompanied by shots of snaps or Aquavit, all adding to the jolly experience.

The food itself is fresh, healthy and invigorating. Fish plays a central role, unsurprisingly given the proximity of the sea, and it is often the star of the show. Think home cured Gravadlax and pickled herring (nothing like rollmops) served on dark homemade rye and pumpernickel, sprinkled with refreshing dill.

Fresh pickled vegetables also play a central part of any Smorgasbord, as well as cheese, often flavoured cheeses, meatballs, hams and terrines, all served with sweet berry condiments.