If you ever make your own cheese, then you will be left with whey!

Do not throw it away. Ever!

It is super useful, versatile, tasty, not to mention nutritious. Just keep it in an airtight container in the fridge and use as needed. It will easily keep for a couple of months. You can also freeze it if you are worried abut it spoiling.

Here are some ideas for using it up:

  1. Make more cheese! Traditional ricotta is made with whey.
  2. Use in bread instead of water
  3. Can be used in pretty much any baking instead of milk as well.
  4. Make marinade for meats. Add spices, garlic, chilli sauce or herbs. The enzymes in the whey will start working on breaking down the meat, making it juicier and more tender once cooked and the flavour will also penetrate the meat easier.
  5. I use whey when making dough for dumplings, pastry or pancakes.
  6. Store your home-made soft cheese in whey.
  7. Use to soak grains, pulses and beans
  8. If you have lots, use it to cook pasta and rice in for a lovely and creamy finish.
  9. Use in smoothies.
  10. Use in mash instead of water.
  11. Use in your morning porridge.
  12. Use in lactose-fermentation of vegetables.
  13. Give to your dogs.
  14. Use to water your garden – just make sure to dilute heavily.

Whey potato and turnip mash.