Tis the season to be jolly, sometimes a bit too jolly! The next day can be tough to deal with, but we have a few tips on what to eat to banish that hangover.

Choose your hangover type below before deciding what to eat.

Hangover type one: Your brain is a bit fuzzy and you are lacking any direction or certainty. Decisions are impossible.

What to eat: Bring yourself back to life with some spicy food! A bloody mary would work, as would anything hot or Mexican. Maybe some Mexican eggs or a breakfast burrito would sort you out.

Hangover type two: You feel like you are being stabbed in the head with something sharp and pointy.

What to eat: Comfort food is the only way forward. Think bacon sandwich, scrambled eggs, sausage and mash or pies. You need something that is the food equivalent of wrapping up in a duvet.

Hangover type three: You have turned into a space cadet. Everything is fuzzy and you have lost all connection with the world.

What to eat: Strong , tangy flavours that will bring you back down to earth. Try stilton, lemon and sugar pancakes, lime and soda or even a pack of the old favourites, refreshers.

Hangover type four: Your head feels like it has exploded.

What to eat: Most things you can get your hands on! Particularly greasy foods like burger and chips, cheesy toasties or a hearty carbonara. You need carbs!

Hangover type five: Your stomach is swirling with nausea.

What to eat: Something gentle and soothing that won’t make you sick. Try French toast, poached eggs, porridge or yogurt.

Hangover type six: A combination of all of the above.

What to eat: You are in trouble and your body is calling out for nutrition. Try a fresh fruit salad or some oily smoked salmon to give your body and brain the vitamins and minerals it needs to help you recover.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!