We are proud to announce that we are now using Fussels rapeseed oil at The Academy as our main cooking oil. To kick off this co-operation here is a guest blog from Fussels to introduce you to the benefits of repressed oil.


“There has long been an air of mystery surrounding the cultivation, production and consumption of oil seed rape (ORS).  Blanketing our countryside with seas of yellow, rapeseed can be found from Somerset to Scotland, and everywhere between throughout the summer season.  However, very little of this golden glory we so regularly see ends up in a bottle of perfectly produced cold pressed rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed has long been cultivated in Britain, traditionally used in agriculture to nourish the land and feed animals.  Look on the back of any conventional vegetable oil, and you too will be surprised to see such a predominant presence of rapeseed within the ingredients.  There clearly has long been a demand for this oil, however, it is only in recent years that we have come to realise the benefits of rapeseed in its purest possible form.  This is where the Fussels Fine Foods journey started…

As third generation farmers in search of a more productive yield, eight years ago, Fussels started to grow ORS for human consumption, and since then we have been proudly producing extra virgin, single cold pressed rapeseed oil, working hard to highlight the benefits of this locally grown and produced oil.

Containing half the saturated fat of olive oil (7% saturated fat) and ten times the Omega 3, cold pressed rapeseed has been labelled as one of the healthiest oils on the market; “But what does ‘single cold pressed’ mean?” I hear you cry…


Here at Fussels we work hard to offer our customers the best possible product that is full of nutrition and versatile in the kitchen – but most importantly is 100% oil.  Applying absolutely no heat or chemicals through the extraction process, our seed is simply squeezed once of all its goodness to result in an oil in its purest form.  After a gentle and precisely timed settling process, the oil is ready to be hand bottled and labelled all at our Farm in Somerset.  It is from here it is freshly delivered to the homes and kitchens of the likes of The Devilled Egg, in and around the South West region.

If its purity and health credentials were not enough, rapeseed’s versatility in the kitchen means it ticks all the culinary boxes.  With a smoke point of 240 degrees, and maintaining its integrity at these high temperatures, rapeseed can be used for all forms of cooking; frying, roasting and baking, making it the perfect ingredient for all your recipes.

This is why we at Fussels continually work hard to educate other of the benefits of using British grown rapeseed oil as an alternative to other oils.  It is this passion and dedication to the cause that makes our oil taste even better!  With its vibrant colour and wholesome characteristics, this beautiful oil really is liquid gold!

We are very pleased to now be working with The Devilled Egg, introducing you as students of the cookery school to miracles of rapeseed!  Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fussels-Fine-Foods/119891088103211) and twitter (@fusselsrapeseed) for our latest updates and edible offerings, as well as checking out our website (www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk) where The Devilled Egg has provided us with fantastic recipes using our oil. ”