Home made butter Easy

Home made butter is incredibly easy to make, not to mention fun!


  • Double cream


To make the butter, simply pour the double cream into a bowl

Whisk until the solids and liquid has separated

Strain and keep the liquid – that’s buttermilk, make pancakes!

Remove the solids and clean in fresh water

Just keep kneading and working with your hands, keep changing the water until it stays clean

The butter will last longer before spoiling if you get all the buttermilk out

Shape and chill



  • lemon and orange zest with salt for savoury dishes (like fish) or with cinnamon for pancakes
  • honey
  • strawberry
  • lemon zest, salt, fresh herbs
  • anchovy paste
  • lemon zest, salt, fresh herbs, garlic (fresh or powdered)
  • cocoa and chilli for spicy Mexican dishes
  • truffle (in the form of salt, powder, fresh truffle)
  • tarragon, garlic, dijon mustard, peppercorns, lemon zest and salt for steaks!
  • parsley, lemon juice, oregano, coriander, red and green chilli, salt, garlic
  • basil, parmesan, sun-dried tomato, salt, pepper
  • horseradish, garlic, parsley
  • pumpkin spice for pancakes and waffles
  • jalapeƱo and maple syrup
  • red wine, shallot, pepper, salt, parsley, pistachio