This is the paper ‘parcel’ in which food is cooked. This technique utilises steam and thus cooks it’s contents gently. The paper acts like a barrier keeping the moisture in and protecting it’s delicate treasure, to be revealed at the table (ideally opened by the diner). Once the parcel is open, the aroma escapes giving you a glimpse of what is to come. Paper is preferable to foil, as it puffs up and makes for a more dramatic reveal. You simply wrap your food tightly and pop into a hot oven. The cooking times depend on what you’re making. This technique is perfect for fish, as it is less likely to overcook in the steam. Start with a layer of various vegetables – leeks, tomatoes, peppers and slices of lemon, oil and seasoning – top with the fish, wrap up, cook and serve. You can cook individual fillets as well as a whole fish.