Parsley is one of many herbs to make their way from the Mediterranean to become popular around the world. It is native to Northern Africa and the Southern tip of Europe. The two most common varieties are flat leaf parsley and curly parsley, which are indistinguishable in terms of flavour. Root parsley is a slightly different type, but this is cultivated not for its herbs but for its root, as one might expect. Root parsley looks a bit like a parsnip, but tastes nowhere near as sweet. It is commonly used in Eastern Europe in soups and stews. The herb itself has a pleasant, balanced flavour and a crisp mouth-feel, making it a great accompaniment to most savoury dishes. This is why it is so often used as a garnish – sometimes quite unimaginatively.  Parsley is the main ingredient in salsa verde in Italy, tabbouleh in Lebanon and “shay-ru vair-dya” (cheiro-verde) in Brazil, all of which are highly popular and versatile.