The last 12 months have been an incredible milestone for The Devilled Egg. We have spent most of 2017 redesigning and rebuilding our online cookery school; a subscription service where our members look up and learn all sorts of culinary techniques, recipes and trivia. One new feature now allows subscribers to contact me directly for troubleshooting advice – I’ve managed to keep up so far!

We also moved into a new studio where all of our tutorials are now filmed. I am a chef, not a programmer or an engineer, so being surrounded by fancy new lights, cameras and web jargon isn’t exactly my comfort zone. At times it’s been challenging to stay focused on the food and the teaching, but I have quite enjoyed the adventure.

Now we’re looking forward to the next stage in the company’s development. We are adding new features to make the TDE experience even more fun for our subscribers. We are always taking comments on board and evolving. There are lots of changes happening under the bonnet right now and I am so excited to share them with you soon.

When it comes to TDE test kitchen, it’s been all about the spring greens. After Easter, I like to lighten my food, as the weather is getting warmer, the produce is bright, green and fresh and just screams for simplicity. I just let the ingredients speak for themselves. These will be posted through out April and May. The first few recipes to look forward to will include home made Labneh and a trio of spring bruschettas. Our tutorials include an in depth video on gluten, rye and Scandi style rye bread with a focaccia lesson coming soon.