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The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy unlocks the secrets of the professional kitchen, giving aspirants the skills, techniques and knowledge to produce culinary perfection at home. If you are looking for cookery courses in Bristol, then The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy is just the place for you. Each of the classes in our cookery school is bespoke, and courses include coaching on a wide range of subjects, so you can be sure of something a little different. We are one of the most renowned cookery schools in Bristol, as our Testimonials will attest to; please feel free to browse them for more information. Read More...

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The food tasted superb and I really enjoyed the afternoon. It was great fun and I will definitely be doing something similar again.

Tom Richardson, CEO

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Our Virtual Cookery School Courses are available today for a yearly subscription. You will receive an on-line cookery lesson once a month together with a downloadable PDF of the ingredients and instructions.